About Marianne Alweis

​​Marianne Alweis

After a lifetime of looking at art, great art, interesting art, uninteresting art, I have come to a simple conclusion.  For the record, I make no distinction between abstract art and representational art.  What is important is quality.  A good painting, whether abstract or representational, lifts me up, gives me pleasure.  A good painting is alive.  And a good painting has its own beauty.
                                                                                                ~Jules Olitski, The Abstract Impulse



I maintain painting studios in Takoma Park, Maryland and on Deer Isle, Maine, and exhibit in the Washington, D.C. and Downeast Maine areas.   I have painted all my life, and studied drawing, printmaking, and painting at Oberlin College and at the Corcoran School of Art.  

My paintings are oil and acrylic on canvas, often incorporating mixed media including graphite, oil crayon, and gouache.  Prints are woodcuts, monotypes, and monoprints with etched line and collage.